Is Luxury better in branded or independent hotels?

Some considerations following a panel at the Luxury Conference in Milan. Hotel Passalacqua (Como), named Best Hotel in the World by The World’s 50 Best Hotels On 28th of September I had the pleasure of attending the Luxury Hospitality Conference at the Melià hotel in Milan. It was a first for Italy and the conference … Read more

Casa Angelina: a gem in the Amalfi Coast

Such a shame this great article is not written in English! I couldn’t agree more with the content of what Martina Manescalchi has written. Casa Angelina is unique and I feel privileged to have the chance since 2019 to contribute to their success by optimizing their room revenue and by shaping the overall commercial strategy. … Read more

How rational are we when taking economic decisions?

Discover how universal pricing principles apply to the hotel industry – an overview of a workshop on behavioral economics held by Prof. Kai Markus-Mueller at the Global Revenue Forum on 30 January 2023