One solution does not fit all.

At DZ Consulting we genuinely believe that every client is different even though the challenge might be the same.

Therefore we provide tailor made solutions taking into consideration several factors like nature of your business / clientele, positioning in the reference market, current technology and people asset, desire of change, achievement of specific objectives… Raise your hand if you never asked yourself the following:

• Am I equipped to succeed?
• Is my current revenue management and commercial strategy successful?
• Do I have the right pricing strategy in place?
• Do I have the right tools and people in place?
• How can I empower myself and my staff?
• Do I have the right KPI’s in place?
• Am I measuring my performance in the correct way?
• How can I unlock more data-driven decisions?

Our aim is to find sustainable, long-term solutions to answer any of the questions above with the following services:

Advisory revenue management and commercial strategies

Business routine makes often difficult to evaluate our own organization, the way we operate, and the way we are structured.

DZ Consulting provides Revenue Management and Commercial “deep dives” and audits to identify opportunities to grow by evaluating and assessing current revenue management and commercial structures and strategies, pricing strategies, price positioning, competitors landscape, people & technology stack.

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New Openings

Opening hotels might be a very delicate phase. Setting the foundations for a successful and long-lasting revenue management and commercial strategy is fundamental for the success of the hotel(s).

DZ Consulting partner with clients in providing guidance on revenue management and commercial structure and strategies, in setting the right opening pricing strategies, in defining and analysing the right competitors, in defining performance indicators and in educating staff.

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Sustainable Transformation

DZ Consulting enjoys a Change Manager Specialist accreditation at CMI – Change Management Institute and is in process to achieve a PRINCE2 Project Management certification. Sustainable transformation is a combination of Project Management and Change Management.

Every transition aims to start from the current state and, through the change achieve the desired state.

To be successful and sustainable the transition from a “current” to a “desired” state will typically imply two levels: a technological and/or organizational level which focuses on tech-stack alignment, re-organization, change in the way the company is structured and a people level which focuses on optimal adoption of technological and organizational changes to obtain the best ROI in the investment. This last is often underestimated threatening the success of the change and/or eroding the return in the investment.

The following framework is used in implementing sustainable transformation in moving from a “current state” to a “desired state”.

Some examples of transformation:

migrating from a manual to an automated environment (eg the adoption of an RMS – Revenue Management System)

moving from a static to a dynamic pricing environment

moving from a siloed structure where Sales, Digital Marketing, Distribution and Revenue Management pursuit their own objectives to a fully integrated commercial structure with aligned KPI’s

upskilling staff to a more strategic approach to the business

moving to a more data-driven decision business approach

The process usually goes through four main stages

• assessing and analysing current state
• define desired state
• apply tailor-made solutions
• measuring successes

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Training and executive coaching

Shaping future leaders is at the core of what DZ Consulting does.

For more than a decade Damiano Zennaro co-ordinates the Revenue Management specialization as part of the MITH – master in International Tourism and Hospitality at the IULM University in Milan.

Damiano Zennaro holds an ACTP – Accredited Coach Training Program at ICF – International Coaching Federation.

DZ Consulting support clients in enabling individuals and teams to grow through executive coaching and staff training.

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