Much learning does not teach understanding.

We follow some basic steps to achieve results through trusted partnership.

It all starts from understanding… Truly understanding our clients needs is the first step to make sure that we are aligned with expectations and where the support is most needed.

It is a fundamental phase which will determine the success of the partnership: why are you seeking support? What is the main challenge? What do you wish to achieve? How does success look like? What is the impact of the change in the organization? Is it an evolution or a transformation?

A discovery phase will follow: this is where a deep analysis of the situation is performed. By experience it is not uncommon that during the discovery phase the nature of the challenge might change and/or other opportunities emerge. Usually the discovery phase will request an interaction with main stakeholder(s) to really grasp what is the current situation.

Based on the understanding and the discovery phases, recommendations and advise will be shared along with a roadmap to success. Advising and recommending means finding the best solution to the challenge and it might require different attempts.

However advising is not enough. It is when the new ways of working is instilled that we can measure success. And this might take time.

Dz Consulting aims to support clients from the beginning to the end of the process, becoming integral part of the process and the change.

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