DZ Consulting is a consultant firm specialized in the hospitality industry.

DZ Consulting partners with global clients to instill a data-driven culture, optimize revenue management and commercial strategies and lead organizational transformations in the hospitality industry.

In his 25+ years of experience in the hospitality industry, from a very robust revenue management background with proven successes at property and at corporate level, Damiano Zennaro (yes, because in essence DZ Consulting is Damiano Zennaro) excelled in fostering convergence and collaboration between sales, (digital) marketing, revenue management & distribution and in advocating the winning synergy between human and technology.

During his career Damiano covered several corporate positions focused on revenue management and commercial leadership and on building trusted relationships with partners.

His passion in developing future leaders allowed him to enjoy the following accreditation:

In addition Damiano Zennaro is guest professor at IULM – Università IULM where he coordinates the Specialization in Revenue Management inside the MITH – Master in Tourism Hospitality.

Sample Key Projects and Capabilities

Leadership:  As a true people enabler focused on building strong relationships to achieve optimal results, Damiano had the opportunity to lead several teams in his career at property and corporate level. During his experience at IHG as Director of RMH he successfully elevated a team of 30 remote revenue managers covering more than 160 properties (15K+ rooms) in 15 different European countries introducing award winning strategic, commercially focused consulting support that optimized performance and strengthened the partnership with both franchised and managed hotels and their owners.

Transformation / Innovation: During his role as Director of Hotel Performance Support at IHG, he was responsible for the overall performance of more than 300 hotels (>250k rooms); his main task was to introduce a new way performance was measured by creating a new team and focus on building a trusted relationships with owners; the team was responsible to review a new way of operating and to manage all areas of hotel performance support for hotels, including maximizing revenue generation from proprietary systems and operational excellence; the innovative approach enabled IHG to implement holistic performance measurement enhancing the relationship with the hotels and looking at performance outside of the traditional lens.

During his last experience as Advisor and Principal Consultant at IDeaS, Damiano was tasked with leading single and group of hotels in moving from a manual to a highly automated environment focusing on strategic and operational changes to optimize digital investment. In specific with implementation of an automated system, convergence was enabled between Sales and Marketing, Distribution, Revenue Management and Operations focusing on performance measurement alignment.

Speaker / Lecturer: Speaker and lecturer at several academies (e.g. EHL – École Hotelière de Lausanne, Les Roches, IULM university – Milan) one of his passions is to actively spread the voice around revenue management and the competitive advantage of having a change culture rooted in business, conscious that influencing (future) leaders is pivotal for the success of every business initiative.